Welcome to The Litha Crew

Unique Lifestyle Inspiration and Personal Navigation for Adventurous Free Spirits

👋 Welcome to my crew!  

I created this exclusive community to bring together adventurous free spirits to navigate the ever-changing world together.

I just really love the idea of a community of like-minded magical folx to learn, share, and celebrate our uniqueness. 


But... due to some personal and professional changes in my life, I'm thinking about closing The Litha Crew soon.  (Astrology School and Coaching will still be available without this platform.)

So... for now, my Mighty Network is Free, which means my online course "Sea of Colors" to clear energetic blocks through the chakras is FREE! 

Check it out and I hope you love it.  Welcome aboard (for a little while)!

Sea of Colors is an all-inclusive healing chakra therapy course designed to help you move forward in life when you’re feeling “stuck” and out of balance. 

What the heck is a chakra?!

You’ve heard of life force energy, even if you don’t realize it.  Around the world it is known as reiki, chi, prana, vibes, our aura, …and more. The chakras are our 7 main energy centers associated with certain areas of the body, mind, and spirit.  Each chakra has its own color and type of energy.

This course focuses on providing a deep understanding of each chakra by balancing and healing one chakra per month.  Each module includes using mantras, video lessons, hands-on printable activities, journal prompts, meditations, and gluten-free/vegan recipes in chakra color.

Month 1: Root Chakra~ Lessons include grounding, cutting cords, body positivity, and creating a new, healthy relationship with money.

Month 2: Sacral Chakra~ Lessons include exploring emotions, recognizing your “gut feelings”, intuitive exercises, and renewing your creativity.

Month 3: Solar Plexus Chakra~ Lessons include owning your gifts, conquering fears, reflections in self confidence, and life force energy.

Month 4: Heart Chakra~ Lessons include energetic and spiritual protection, empath tools, reversing your insecurities, and self love.

Month 5: Throat Chakra~ Lessons include speaking your truth, art journaling, sound healing, and automatic writing.

Month 6: Third Eye Chakra~ Lessons include clairvoyance, tarot, divination, signs from spirit, manifestation, and visioning.

Month 7: Crown Chakra~ Lessons include astrology, moon cycles, wheel of the year, exploring your karmic purpose, and dream journaling.

Dive in!